Plexus Slim - How Does It Work
A real down to earth look at losing weight with the Plexus weight loss products.
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Plexus Slim "The Pink Drink" for weight loss.

Plexus Slim, which is commonly known as the “Pink Drink”, is quite popular among all the weight lossPlexus Slim 30 Day Pack products that are on the market. Plexus Slim was introduced first in the year 2005 by Plexus Worldwide Inc to control the level of blood sugar for those people who have Type II Diabetes. Very soon both manufacturers and the users realized that the product does more than control blood sugar. It also seemed to help the user lose considerable weight without diets or exercises. After a series of intensive research and development, as well as clinical trials, they introduced Plexus Slim, the ultimate weight loss product.

Plexus Slim is made of all the natural ingredients and allows one to lose weight steadily without having any noticeable side-effects. In the process it may also help the body combat serious health conditions that arise due to excess weight gain.

Down To Earth Look At Plexus Slim

Most weight loss products come in the form of pills and capsules, topical gels and in rare cases as injections. Plexus Slim stands apart as it comes in the form of a pink powder that you mix with water. The bag of Plexus Slim shown above contains a month’s supply (30 packets) of Plexus Slim. Take one packet, tear the top off and mix the contents with about 12 oz water, Plexus Slimshake well and drink. The simplicity of the product makes it easy to use. This drink still retains its original feature that of controlling blood sugar levels. In this way, this natural weight loss product curbs hunger pangs and the cravings for sweets. It also helps you curb the amount of food you eat naturally. For me, I find I get full on a lot less food. I was the type of person that went to a lot of buffet restaurants and stuffed my face with food. When I drink my Plexus Slim I find it almost impossible to eat like I did in the past. Going to a buffet restaurant does not make sense any more because I can't eat as much as I use to. I now eat regular meals off the menu and usually get a small serving if available or me an my wife share one large plate of food and get an appetizer which we share. Face it, most meals on menus are more food then the average person can eat or should eat. The food on the menu is usually higher in quality and it can be changed to meet your personal taste.

Example: I love to eat Thai Food and my favorite dish is Pad Thai. Depending on how I feel that day I will get either mild, medium hot, hot or Thai Hot. Thai Hot is hotter than hot and sometimes make my eyes water and nose run. Yes,,, it will clear out my sinuses!!! I don't know how much more down to earth I can be then this. If I was to get the buffet at this one Thai Restaurant I can only get Pad Thai in the milder form and it is not cooked like I like it.  Overall I find that Plexus Slim pays for itself because I do not eat as much food and the food I do eat is usually higher in quality.

Though Plexus Slim contains no added stimulants or caffeine, it is advisable to drink it the morning than later in the day. This way the ingredients start working right away and help you maintain your food and calorie intake throughout the day. The instructions do say you can take one to two times a day. I find that one time a day works fine for most people. In rare circunstances people may take it two times a day because they have well over 100 lbs to lose or they find the effects wear off later in the day. For those people that need added help in losing weight they can add Plexus Accelerator and/or drink the new Plexus96 protein drink. Below I explain Plexus Accelerator.

Looking For Faster Results? Try Plexus Accelerator

For faster results, users usually begin with both Plexus Slim and the Plexus Accelerator right at the onset of their "diet". I say diet but in reality it is not a diet because you still eat just as you have always eaten.Plexus Accelerator What happens is that you do not want to eat as much because the products curb your urge to eat and most people naturally do not eat as much when they drink their Plexus Slim and/or take the Plexus Accelerator. The Accelerator is in capsule form and contains strong fat burners as well as stimulants to set off the weight loss process with a bang. In just a month or two most users will find that they have lost a lot of weight. From here they can phase out the Plexus Accelerator and simply stick to the Plexus Slim Pink Drink to maintain their weight loss or to keep on losing weight. If you find you hit a weight loss plateau then you can start up the Accelerator to get you back to losing weight. I know of people using just the Plexus Slim or just the Plexus Accelerator and find one or the other product to work for them. Although I recommend you use the two products together it is not always necessary or medically advisable to do so in order to achieve your weight loss goals. The Plexus Accelerator does contain stimulates and a warning label. Read the label and follow its instructions.

I often tell people to find out what works best for them and then stick to it. Consistency is important in many things we do in life in order to see success and this will hold true in your Plexus weight loss journey. The Plexus Products are tools to help you lose weight. There is no magic to weight loss and I know of no magic product that takes the weight of. I do know that the Plexus weight loss products work and if you follow the instructions and take the products consistently that most people will lose weight.