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Wanted: Independent Ambassadors for Greater New Orleans
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Plexus Worldwide For Greater New Orleans

Plexus Slim is starting to get a good foothold in the Greater New Orleans area and the Northlake area. ThePlexus Slim business is growing and more and more people are using the products in the area but there is still a big opportunity for people wanting a home business. Three years ago Plexus Worldwide had their convention in the New Orleans and then a 3rd one this year in June 2013. The Plexus Convention took place at the Convention Center the 1st time, the Hyatt Hotel the 2nd time and it then the Hilton Convention Center in 2013. With three conventions taking place in New Orleans three years in a row you would think the area is saturated with Plexus Worldwide Independent Ambassadors. Actually just the opposite has happened. I believe that people just think the area is saturated because three conventions have taken place here. In reality New Orleans has fewer Ambassadors then what most people would have you believe. I will say there are a lot of Plexus Slim customers we personally deliver to but very few of them have become Ambassadors. The Ambassadors that I do have are mainly just getting the products for themselves at the wholesale cost. My wife and I are really looking for people that want to build a big down-line business. We will help you along the way plus get you a place on the internet where people can find you. We will be in as much of your business as you want us to be. Meetings, trade shows, home tastings and one on ones with you and your team are all part of the total package.

Experienced Network Marketers Wanted

We are looking for experienced Network Marketers in the area to come on board. We will help you get started by giving you some of the marketing material like the Plexus Worldwide newspaper and the Plexus Slim weight loss brochures. We will also work with you personally to get you up and running as fast as needed. 3-way calls and one on one meetings and whatever it takes to get your team started fast.

As you build your team you will have stories like this: When you have people losing weight at an alarming rate people tend to notice. Many people report losing 5 to 12 lbs in their first week of taking the products. Some people try the 3-Day Trial Pack and find themselves 5 lbs lighter in just 3 short days. There is also a 7-Day Trial Pack and them the main 30-Day Pack. A large number of people start with the 3-Day pack and end up buying the 30-Day pack on the forth day because they are able to see results when they get on the scales. This is when you have the opportunity to present the business to people and explain how they can save money and also start making some money if they join the company.

Plexus Compensation Plan

Our job as Independent Ambassadors is to present and offer the business opportunity to people. Give them the information and let them make an informed decision. Also show people the companies compensation plan. If they are experienced network marketers or have been in other network marketing companies they will be familiar with comp plans and will see the beauty of the Plexus Comp Plan and ways to earn income. Here is the whole compensation plan put into one page One Page Comp Plan.

How We Got Started In Plexus Slim Worldwide

The convention went off with a bang in 2012 and launched Plexus Slim into a new dimension. Two years ago this company had a weight loss product that they developed and were using for diabetics. The product is low glycemic and has the ability to take the weight off with very little modification to ones diet. Everyone loves that, especially here in New Orleans. We love our rich spicy food here and most of us do not want to give that up.

I had a chance to go to this 1st convention but turned down the offer because I was in several other home businesses at that time. I was in them but not making any money. Probably 95% of the people that get into network marketing companies do not make any money to speak of and I was one of those people. Needless to say I needed a change of luck and my wife said if I joined another network marketing company that she would show me the door.

I just happened to talk to the person that asked me to come to the 1stPlexus Slim the Pink Drink Plexus Convention in 2011. I did not go because of what I explained above. A couple of weeks after the convention Kina, the person that I had talked to came to my house and did a demo of the breast chek kit which was the primary product at that time just behind the Plexus Slim. She also gave me a 3-Day sample pack of the Plexus Slim diet product. Well I took the sample and did not use it until almost a month later. I was a little desperate because I had gone to my doctor and he told me that I needed to lose a lot of weight a month earlier. Now my doctors appointment was only eight days away and I had not lost any weight. So you know what I did??? I took out that 3-Day sample and started taking it and then went and picked up another two from Kina. I took the product everyday right up to my doctors appointment.

I'm at my doctors office and the nurse calls me in and I say to her, "I sure hope I have lost some weight because the doctor won't be to happy with me if I didn't." I got on those scales and low and behold I had went from 270 lbs down to 263 lbs. Boy was I ever happy!!! I told the nurse that I had lost the weight by taking this product, and I showed her the Plexus Slim package and she said there is a nurse here in the office that is taking that same product and she loves it. She has lost 8 lbs this past week taking it. I said, " where is she I'd like to talk to her. The nurse introduced me to Niki and we talked about the Plexus and she said she knows a lot of people losing weight on this product. Niki said she had gotten the 7-Day Kit and had finished that and lost 8 lbs and she was going to by some more from her Aunt.

This made me a true believer in the product so that day when I got home I called Kina and joined Plexus Slim. I joined on September 26th and I just got my supply in today the 30th. I now plan to take the drink mix that they all call the pink drink along with the pill which is the accelerator every day until I go back to my doctor. I told him the next time he sees me I will be at least 10 lbs lighter. Truthfully I believe I can lose at least 20 lbs. I'm 263 lbs now at 6 ft 4 inches but need to get down to around 215 lbs. That is my goal 215 lbs!!!

I haven't been 215 since I was a lot younger. I'm guessing but I believe the last time I was 215 lbs was in 1978. So at 58 I'm off on a weight loss venture and business.

If you want to join with me in this business then give me a call. I'm an experienced network marketer that has never really made any money in the business but I think my luck is about to change.
Update: Success Achieved! I'm setting a lot up on the internet so that I can grow this business for me and my wife Robin and anybody that wants to join us. This is a wonderful product that really works plus the income opportunity is a lot better then any of the other companies I have run across. Do some Google searches on Plexus Slim and put in the city your in and see if you see my websites. I'll work with you if you chose to join this business. You will get on the internet and people are going to find you. It's a low price to join and get set up with your product and the company website. Visit our Plexus site and get started. If you need help signing up just give (Bill) 225-413-8928 or (Robin) 225-636-0818 a call.

Update as of June 2013

This is amazing to me! My wife that was so against network marketing has joined Plexus Worldwide andRobin and Bill Plexus Slim has a booming business. She is growing the business and customer base at a very fast rate. She resigned from her job with the local newspaper here in New Orleans after 30 years of working for them. The newspaper went to a 3 day a week paper and she had to work on Sundays. After these changes she elected to jump in and do Plexus Worldwide full time. She is excellent at doing the business one on one and face to face. My specialty is the internet so I have taken what she does and blended it with my internet experience. She is off and running in this business because the internet brings her leads that she turns into a face to face experience. Her business is taking a new turn in August of 2013 when she opens up a place where she can hold meetings and do training of new representatives in Albany, Louisiana. We will talk a little more about this in future post on this website.

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